Massage Fit Life

Customized massage sessions & BodyMind Coaching to help you achieve and thrive in your wellness goals for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Cupping Therapy

30 min~$45.00   1hr~75.00   90 min~$105.00   

 Lifts and separates tissue, allowing the body to release, absorb and rid itself of stagnation, toxins and congestion. Bringing new oxygen, nutrient rich blood to the area.

~ Reduces swelling and inflammation

~ Relieves muscle tension and tightness in less time with less pain than regular deep tissue

~ Helps recover from injury and surgery faster

~ Breaks apart adhesion's and reduces the appearance of scar tissue

~ Improves metabolism and relieves

constipation for a stronger digestive system

~ Helps improve breathing

~ Promotes overall relaxation and wellbeing 

Cupping creates raised redness and other discoloring or bruise-like marks (but Not bruises). The darker the marks the more stagnant/congestion (toxins, blood and lymph) were dredged up during the session. Usually lasts a few hours to several days. The more you receive cupping the lighter the marks become.

Customized Massage Sessions

Sessions are designed specifically for you based on

medical history, current health conditions, and wellness goals.

Classic Swedish/Relaxation

60 min                                      $60.00

90 min                                      $90.00

2 hr                                         $120.00

Oldest and most popular massage modality known for it's proven ability to reduce stress/anxiety, improve oxygen/blood circulation, reduce muscle spasm/tension/pain, increases range of motion, helps detox the body and promotes whole body-spirit wellness.

Deep Tissue

60 min                  $70.00

90 min                  $100.00

2 hr                      $130.00

Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, stretches and other deep tissue techniques help reduce chronic muscle tension/restrictions to increase joint range of motion and decrease pain levels.

Spa Treatments

Hot Stone Therapy

60 Min~$80   90 Min~$110   2 Hr~$140

Heat from the stones are very therapeutic. They help take relaxation to a deeper level. In this The stones are also used as tools to for deep tissue if desired.

Glowing Body Scrub

90 Min Session $120

Detox Body Wrap

90 Min Session $130

$40 Treatment's

Stones and Aromatherapy

30 min

Foot Scrub Treatment

30 min

Deep Tissue Treatment

30 min


Body Scrub, Wrap, and Massage - 2 hour treatment                                                        $160.00

Treat yourself or a deserving person in your life to one of the most popular treatments in the spa industry.

The session starts with a full body scrub to exfoliate the body of it's dried, dead skin cells and open the pours to absorb the benefits of the Sea Kelp wrap. Sea Kelp is known for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath Blue-Green Algae to hydrate and detoxify the body of its impurities. The active moisturizer base includes willow bark extract, aloe vera oil, Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, and lavender.

An old bathing suite is recommended and plenty of water the day before, day of and after the treatment to be sure the toxins are easily flushed out of your system.